Donations change the world

Donations make a better life possible for many people. Many children and families around the world lack the most basic necessities. For them food, clothing, access to education or medical care comes with large hurdles.

Often the children and families from Eastern Europe and Africa have worse living conditions than children and families in Western Europe. For example, because of their ethnicity, gender or religion, many people are disadvantaged and do not have access to education or work. Corrupt political systems, violence, exclusion, illness and growing up without parents, as well as a multitude of other factors, prevent people from being able to provide for themselves in dignity. They need help.

People are not always able to help themselves. In these situations, we help. In order for us to do that, we need your help.


Without your donations, we cannot build schools, wells or toilets. Without your help, we cannot assist people in disasters. Nor can we launch income-generating activities.

Donations are an investment in the future of people. You help to free children and families from acute emergencies. Donations ensure that projects can be launched and implemented and that people are enabled to take their lives into their own hands.

In the past, many supporters have already ensured that people are better off thanks to ora Kinderhilfe. Children in Kenya are finally attending school. In Albania,

Romania and Moldova we were able to build day care centers. In Kenya, financial support has enabled the purchase of two fields, with which the farmers can now partially provide for themselves. In Rwanda, a tailor shop, a rice field and a medical care center have been built. All these things would not have been possible without private financial commitment.

Your donations change the world. Help us.

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