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Where do ora sponsored children live?

The sponsored children for international sponsors of ora Kinderhilfe live in Kenya.


As ora Kinderhilfe we work in countries where living conditions are difficult. We are mostly active in accessible village areas. We meet people who live in poverty, who cannot read and write, who are hungry and who are disadvantaged because of their gender.


For these people and especially for the children we develop long-term and sustainable projects. We want them to get better quickly, but our main goal is that one day they will be able to take care of themselves with dignity. After meeting their basic needs - food, clothing, medical care and education - we work to provide income-generating activities, hygiene and life training, as well as spiritual offerings such as children's classes, Bible studies, church services and pastoral care.


The ora sponsored children stay with their families and take part in our offers. The parents are also part of our projects. We maintain our international ora sponsorship program in:


·      Kenya


Our project in Kenya is adapted to the country-specific requirements. On the country page you can find out how the ora sponsored children and their families are cared for and supported in the respective countries.

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