Education means the future

Education is everything - but by no means a guarantee. In 2016, the United Nations formulated "Education for All" as a Sustainable Development Goal, underscoring its importance for a good life.


In our projects, we specifically promote the education of children and adults and thus create educational opportunities for all. Young people who complete their school education have better career opportunities later on.

Education does not only mean attending school. But having access to education promotes health, healthy behaviors, resilience, critical thinking as well as empathy. That is why our training courses cover numerous topics, such as education on hygiene, healthy nutrition, social behavior, accounting, values, virtues, and knowledge about the Bible.

According to UNESCO's World Education Report 2013/14, there are 781 million illiterate people in the world. This means that around one in ten people cannot read and write properly. This figure is only decreasing slowly. Even today, there are still around 58 million children of primary school age who do not attend school.

Access to education is made more difficult by poverty

Having their own exercise book is something special for many children around the world. In places where poverty is high, children often have to work to contribute to their families’ livelihood. School fees and uniforms are expensive. Those who live in rural areas and are lucky enough to go to school often have to travel long and dangerous distances. The situation is particularly difficult for girls. Traditionally, they are often married off at an early age and then serve to "give life".

Our commitment to education

Education plays an important role in all countries where ora Kinderhilfe is active. We are committed to this in many ways. For example, we build schools, pay teachers' salaries, ensure homework support, organize school materials, and invest in school uniforms and shoes.

Through education, children have a better chance of escaping hunger and poverty and leading a dignified and self-determined life.
This can look as described in the following examples:


  • In Kenya, we support Chafisi Orphanage which is an orphanage and a boarding school. We pay teachers' salaries, operating expenses, food, seeds and electricity. There are 250 children who learn to read, write, and calculate in a safe environment. All girls and boys are also provided with sufficient food and clothing. Quite a few children who attended elementary school at Chafisi are now going to very good secondary schools. Some have made it (despite being AIDS orphans) to colleges in Nairobi.

Education is the key to an independent life.


We want the children and young people in our programs to have the chance to learn a good profession so that they can support themselves and their families later on.

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high-quality education
high-quality education

We operate under Goal 4 of the global Sustainable Development Goals: Quality Education.

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