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Health is a valuable commodity. So is growing up healthy. It forms the basis for a stable life and ensures that the children of today become energetic adults of tomorrow.

In our projects, we protect, promote and maintain the health of children and families. We focus on medical care and education for parents and children.

15,000 children die every day from preventable diseases.


In the midst of poverty and suffering, one's own health cannot be maintained, nor can that of one's own children. This is the bitter experience of many mothers and fathers every day. Even though the numbers are fortunately declining, according to the UN[LA1], 6.6 million children under the age of 5 still die each year. That's 15,000 girls and boys a day!
What's especially sad about this incredible number is that most young children die from preventable diseases. Before their lives have really begun, they die of diarrhea, malnutrition or malaria. Pneumonia and meningitis also lead to death in countries with inadequate health care. So do dirty water and poor hygiene. 80 percent of deaths occur in sub-Saharan Africa.

No child should die if we can keep them healthy.

Ending the death of children is part of our work.
This begins in the first step with regular care for children and families.
Malnutrition creates the perfect breeding ground for pathogens. However, if children are fed a sufficient and balanced diet, the body builds up antibodies and not every pathogen immediately leads to the worst. The immune system can better meet the challenges of the environment and the children and adults fall ill less.


In the second step, we ensure access to medical care. In Kenya, where health insurance exists all ora sponsored children, including their siblings and parents, are covered by health insurance. Basic care is thus guaranteed. If a child or parent is sick, the adults no longer have to think about how to pay the doctor. They can easily consult him or her and get the necessary medicine prescribed to cure them.

In the third step, we focus on education. In countries where the majority of the population cannot read or write, families are not aware of the dangers. They don't know what dirty water does to the body, they don't know terms like bacteria or viruses, they don't know about balanced nutrition or which vitamins are good for what.

We provide education in seminars and training courses. Together with our project partners, we impart knowledge in a simple and clear way. By continuing to accompany the ora sponsor children and their families, we ensure that what has been learned is retained and applied.

We would like to support much more and keep children and families healthy. Help so that we can help even more.

Health and well-being
Health and well-being

We operate under Goal 3 of the global Sustainable Development Goals: health and well-being.

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