What are the goals of ora Children's Aid?

We pursue the same goal in each of our projects: to change children's lives for the better.


Changing children's lives is both an incentive and an obligation for us. This goal characterizes all our work and is the hallmark of all our efforts. "We change children's lives" is the focus. This motto ensures that we maintain direction, do not get stuck, and keep children at the center of our commitment.


The individual facets of this goal depend on the circumstances in the project country. Sometimes a health station is needed, sometimes a school, or sometimes a livestock farm. The people, the countries, the regions and the circumstances in which we are active are sometimes very different. The ways to achieve our goal also differ, but the main focus remains the same: We change children's lives.

Every child in the world deserves a future worth living for. This starts with regular care in the simple things. If we can ensure that fewer children in the world are malnourished or undernourished, that more children learn to read and write, and that children under the age of five no longer have to die from preventable diseases, we will have achieved a great deal as a society.


To make this happen, we work every day to ensure that children:

  • get enough to eat
  • have enough clothes
  • are medically cared for
  • and go to school.


By achieving these goals and at the same time supporting the families and the environment of the children, girls and boys are freed from existential hardships. They learn about their rights, learn that they are beings loved and wanted by God, and become responsible citizens. In this way, they come closer to an independent and self-determined life and will one day be able to provide for themselves in dignity.


With your help, we are changing children's lives together. Become part of the ora community and ensure that children all over the world are supported.

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