How does a sponsorship help?

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As ora Kinderhilfe, we work according to the approach of child-centered development aid. The support goes to the child and from the child back to the community.

Step 1: Helping the child


Children are especially close to our hearts; they are our target group. Therefore, the first step of an ora sponsorship is always to help the sponsored child and his or her family. If a sponsored child receives food, its siblings will also be provided food. Each family member of an ora sponsored child receives sufficient food, clothing, school materials and medical care.

Step 2: Helping the parents

In the second step we try to help the parents of the ora sponsored children. After basic needs have been met, we provide ways for the parents to generate income. Our goal is always to empower people so that one day they can provide for themselves in dignity.


To achieve this, we promote the development of basic infrastructure at our project sites as these are often lacking. In the local contexts in which we are active, living conditions are not difficult. Livestock farms, agricultural projects, the construction of a school or the construction of a well help to remedy this.


The implementation of the income-generating measures always depends on what is necessary and possible on site. Sometimes this is a well, sometimes a tailoring course, sometimes the granting of microcredits. Our local project partners are a valuable help to us in this regard. They know the local customs, speak the local languages, understand the facial expressions and gestures and therefore know exactly what is needed and what is not.

Step 3: Helping the community

If we build a well, the entire village community will have access to clean drinking water. A school benefits all the children, as do the livestock farms. Gradually, all villagers will have at least one animal. If we install solar panels, the whole village has light.


Thus, the entire village community benefits from our support. The communities also receive training and seminars on life and everyday topics as well as Christian offerings such as church services, children's groups, camps, etc. for children and adults.

It is precisely this interplay of personal help and small-scale development cooperation adapted to local conditions that makes ora sponsorships so effective. Never is only one child helped. His/her siblings, parents, and the village community always benefit as well.


Your ora sponsorship often benefits the lives of more and more people. Become part of the ora community and discover the adventure of a sponsorship.

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