For healthy nutrition

Food means life. A balanced diet ensures the growth and development of every child. Well-balanced nourished children have the best prerequisites to become energetic adults later on.

In the projects of ora Kinderhilfe, we are committed to food security. We promote healthy nutrition and also educate parents and children about it in training sessions. In this way, we help to prevent malnutrition and contribute to maintaining good health.

Nutrition is vital

According to Unicef, a child dies of hunger every 13 seconds. According to data from Welthungerhilfe, 690 million people worldwide go hungry and two billion suffer from malnutrition. Around 191 million of these are children under the age of 5, who are mentally and physically underdeveloped for life as a result of malnutrition. Often, these children die before they reach adulthood.

Eine regelmäßige und gesunde Ernährung ist Voraussetzung für ein Leben mit Hoffnung. Und Menschenrecht. In all unseren Projekten sichern wir die Ernährung der Menschen.

What does hunger mean?

According to the United Nations definition, a person is hungry when they have less to eat than they need each day to maintain their own body weight and perform light work.


According to the World Food Organization, 2,100 kilocalories a day cover the requirements for a healthy life.


  • According to the World Food Organization, 2,100 kilocalories a day cover the requirements for a healthy life.


  • Less than 2.100 calories means serious restrictions in the food supply.


  • Less than 1,400 kilocalories equals extreme malnutrition.

Chronic malnutrition leads to fatigue and listlessness. Those affected are barely able to cope with their daily lives. Chronic malnutrition has lifelong physical consequences, especially for children, such as short stature, slowed metabolism or starvation edema. The immune system is also often weaker than it would normally be. Permanent undersupply of nutrients weakens the immune system. Illnesses that are harmless to healthy people, such as gastrointestinal infections, often end fatally.

In addition, there are mental impairments. The children are unfocused and show difficulties in learning. Their thinking is slowed down and they show overall signs of retardation.

Our commitment to nutrition security

A large part of the projects that ora Kinderhilfe promotes all over the world are aimed at food security: well construction, livestock breeding, ora farms, provision programs, training - all of these help to secure nutrition and prevent malnutrition and hunger.




In concrete terms, this looks like this, for example::

  • Agricultural projects in Kenya
  • Construction of wells and greenhouses in Kenya-Ilbisil
  • Storage and cooling facilities for crops in Kenya-Kinari and Karangatha
  • Chicken, pig and goat farms in Kenya
  • Non-contact distribution of food parcels during the Corona emergency relief effort

We change children's lives!


With the nutrition projects, we sustainably advocate for food security. Children are provided with the basic necessities of life. They receive school meals. With income-generating activities we help people to help themselves. They win the fight against hunger on their own.

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No hunger
No hunger

We operate under Goal 2 of the Global Sustainable Development Goals: No Hunger.

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