Disaster relief

Explosion in Beirut, Libanon, im August 2020.
Explosion in Beirut, Libanon, im August 2020.

Not only since the Corona pandemic have we known that unforeseen events can plunge people into dire straits.


Earthquakes, tidal waves, diseases or wars - time and again, catastrophes suddenly plunge countless people into misery. From one moment to the next, they lose everything they have and fall into deep despair. In their situation, fast help is essential for survival.

Help for people in need

We help in these situations unbureaucratically, quickly and directly. Together with our local project partners, we act swiftly and decisively when it comes to providing people with the basic necessities of life.

Grundnahrungsmittel retten Leben.
Grundnahrungsmittel retten Leben.

We alleviate suffering by distributing food parcels, clothing and medicine. In addition, we provide pastoral care, pray with people and comfort them in seemingly hopeless situations.


If possible, we also participate in reconstruction. We repair schools, houses, electrical and water lines wherever we can find cooperation partners and where our project partner is able to coordinate construction projects. As a manageable relief organization, we are dependent on experts and other partners at this point.

Help in silent disasters

We also provide assistance in the so-called "silent disasters".


These are disasters that do not appear in the press, are repeated every year and, unfortunately, can always be expected.

Famines, droughts, floods or violent clashes after elections are disasters that can be planned for. But even when they are known to happen, children and families suffer. As long as these emergencies keep happening to hundreds of thousands of people, we are committed to helping.


Within our projects we help the ora sponsored children, their families and the other villagers to secure their survival. We provide additional distribution of food and seeds, pay for additional medical treatments, finance school materials or start a livestock farm.


During the Corona pandemic, we also started helping with cash donations. Mostly the women from the family were transferred a certain amount of money. With the money they could buy what was specifically needed for the children and the family.

No poverty
No poverty

We operate in the spirit of Goal 1 of the global Sustainable Development Goals: No Poverty.

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