Donate creatively

Donate in a creative way

There are many ways to donate. Besides the classic way of bank transfer or online donation, there is hardly an event where donations cannot be collected.


If you would like to support ora Kinderhilfe, it does not necessarily have to be a burden on your own wallet.

Donate by selling

Waffle stand in a church community for the benefit of our project in Kenya
Waffle stand in a church community for the benefit of our project in Kenya
  • cakes at school (oragnising a bake sale),

  • homemade honey or home-made jam at the garden fence,
  • self-harvested food in front of the house
  • a waffle or crepes stand in the church
    and community,
  • a flea market in the neighborhood,
  • a beverage stand at a tournament,
  • a sausage stand at a company party,
  • or a benefit concert through your music making or singing,


There are many ways to fundraise, there are no limits to your creativity. You can dedicate the proceeds from your sales to the good cause and support poor children and families in need.


Feel free to contact us before your event. We will send you appropriate information materials. We will also be happy to send you contact lists in case someone would like a donation receipt. Get in touch with us! We are here to help you make your event a success.


Talk about doing good. If you would like us to publicize your commendable commitment, feel free to send us photos of your activity. We will be happy to publish them on our social media and thus encourage other supporters to start an activity as well.

Donate by shopping

With your online purchase on, you can shop for the benefit of ora Kinderhilfe via Simply select ora Kinderhilfe as your organization and shop as usual without additional fees. The mail order company transfers the generated donations to us twice a year. They benefit our project work.

Deposits or other proceeds can be easily transferred
Deposits or other proceeds can be easily transferred

Donate by collecting


Deposit bottles, stamps, waste paper or Christmas trees that are no longer needed. Many things have a value, even if they are no longer usable. You or your group can start an activity in favor of poor children and families in need. You can also become active on your own or with others for your ora sponsored child.

You determine the purpose of the donations. We will then use your donation as you wish and will be happy to inform you about the good that your donation has done. You are welcome to make a bank transfer, stating the purpose of your donation, or you can send us your donation in cash, after informing us in advance. In all cases you will receive a donation receipt.


The collected amount can be transferred from your bank account via PayPal.



Intended purpose: Please indicate the country or project you wish to support or the name of your ora sponsored child with the corresponding P-number.


We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your efforts and your donations. You are giving hope and a future.



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