Donations and finances

Like every non-profit organization, ora Kinderhilfe is dependent on the donations of its donors. They all have the right to see their money put to good use.


We consider it our duty to guarantee this, but not a burden. We regard the trust of our donors as a gift, not a given. We want to earn this trust again and again. That is why we handle the money entrusted to us as transparently as possible.

Transparency as the basis for trust


We are happy to show how and for what we use the donations. We are happy to provide information about the transfer of funds to the projects, about the share of administrative costs in our total budget, and also about the expenses we use for public relations and the acquisition of new donors.

From €100 flow

(Status 2020)

  • 81,21 € in our projects
  • 12,09 € in advertising and public relations
  • 6,70 € in the administration

Trust is good, control is better

We do not want you to trust us blindly. That is why your critical eye is important to us. And that's why we ask you: Ask us your questions about the balance sheet, send us your comments. We will be happy to help you.


The tax office, the German Central Institute for Social Issues (DZI) and an independent auditor monitor our finances and use of funds. They all come to the conclusion that we handle donations responsibly. With a seal, with a certificate or with a notice of exemption.

Recognized as a non-profit organization, particularly worthy of support


The tax office in Berlin has recognized our work as charitable and thus particularly worthy of support. Consequently, every donation to ora Kinderhilfe is tax deductible. A donation receipt is automatically sent at the beginning of the year for submission to the tax office. Your donation does good and saves taxes.

DZI donation seal
DZI donation seal

Trust tested and sealed

The German Central Institute for Social Issues (DZI) has audited ora Kinderhilfe and awarded us its seal of approval. This distinguishes us for our trustworthy and transparent handling of the donations entrusted to us.
We have carried the seal continuously since 30.11.2005. Only those organizations that convince through transparency and truthful information are awarded the seal annually.


Put through its paces

Strict criteria must apply when it comes to accounting. The auditor, who takes a close look at our books, checks according to these criteria. His certificate can be found year after year in the annual report of ora Kinderhilfe - in it we take stock, look ahead and disclose which funds and donations in kind we have used in which of our projects. Unfortunately, the annual report is only available in German. In our regularly published newsletter we also provide information about what happens in our projects and how the money is used there.

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