How is my money being used?

With 40 USD per month, ora sponsors support their sponsored child. The money entrusted to us is used in such a way that the greatest possible benefit is achieved - for the sponsored child, his or her family and the community where the child lives. Three things are financed by a sponsorship contribution.

1. Your sponsored child and its family are provided for


In the first and most important step, the monthly sponsorship contribution helps the child and its family to be regularly provided with what they need. The necessities of life are paid for: Food, clothing, school materials and doctor's visits or medication.


This makes up the largest part. The largest part of the sponsorship contribution directly benefits the child and his family.

2. Income-generating measures are created


Another, much smaller part of a sponsorship contribution is used for income-generating measures or for the stabilization of the community. Since sponsorship contributions are not sufficient for the installation of income-generating measures, public funds are added. For example, from the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development or from private or public foundations. Sometimes we also receive inheritances or special donations for our projects in Africa and Eastern Europe.


The use of these funds is determined in each case by what is needed locally. We do not support things that are not really necessary. Sometimes we build a well, other times we buy a field or build a school. The construction and maintenance of a day care center also has a stabilizing effect on a village community.


Furthermore, we cover the costs of our local project partners. We work with qualified partners who are passionate about making children and parents better off one day. The sponsorship contributions guarantee that our partner organizations can also do their work well. Vehicles, office equipment, costs for internet connections and the like are financed. Without a minimum of administration, effective help for children would be impossible.

3. Administrative costs are covered


The last and smallest part of the sponsorship contribution goes to our administration in Germany. In Berlin we maintain an office with qualified employees. We also want to do justice to them as a responsible employer and therefore use a portion of the money entrusted to us for office, administrative and wage costs.

We bear the DZI donation seal

DZI donation seal
DZI donation seal

We handle the funds entrusted to us carefully and conscientiously. Every year, the German Central Institute for Social Issues (DZI) audits our responsible handling of funds. The independent institute awards its seal of approval annually and only to associations and organizations that have previously been critically and carefully examined. Since 2005, we have been awarded the seal annually without interruption.


Can I cancel my sponsorship at any time?

You can cancel your sponsorship at any time and without giving reasons. You only help as long as you can and want to.


Can I make my donations tax deductible?

ora Kinderhilfe international e. V. is recognized as a non-profit organization. You will automatically receive a donation receipt at the beginning of each year. You can submit this to your tax office with your tax return.

We use sponsorship contributions and donations where they are needed. As a help for self-help. For the ora sponsored children, their families and our development cooperation projects.

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