What does my donation do?

Schulessen in Afrika

First and foremost, your donation ensures that children are fed, sufficiently clothed, go to school and, if necessary, receive medical care.

You determine the purpose of the donation yourself. The choice is yours: Either you support education, agriculture or the water project in Kenya.


In either case, your donation will help people live better lives. Every donation helps to empower people to live a life in dignity.

Your choice is our mission

In our project in Kenya, we are committed to the following priorities:

  • Education
  • Agriculture
  • Water project


You can donate specifically for each topic. If you are particularly interested in education for children, then simply select this in the intended purpose! We will use your donation specifically in Kenya to purchase school materials, to expand schools, to buy school uniforms and shoes for the way to school or to pay examination fees.

Your donation will not be split up, it will be used for one educational project at a time. In this way, the use of your funds is targeted and efficient and helps people in a concrete way.

If the topic of agriculture is close to your heart, you will be supporting our project work there. In Ilbisil, we have built a well and a school. An agricultural project was also set up. The project ensures year-round water, food and education for the local people. Families can finally settle in one place. Their children can attend school regularly.

The water is brought to the surface from a depth of 280 meters by a solar pump. The community can dispose of parts of the water independently.

The second half of the proceeds is destined for a "Drip-Drop-System". Through targeted droplet delivery from hoses, the cultivated plants are irrigated directly at the root and the yield of the soil is significantly increased. Animals get more food and new vegetables can be grown for the people's own consumption and for sale. This increases the community's income and standard of living.

In addition, goats have been distributed. The care and rearing is shared by the families. In this way, the community is strengthened.

Your issue is our mission

In many countries of the world, people live under precarious circumstances. Corrupt systems prevent economic recovery. Natural and climate disasters threaten people's livelihoods. Violence, arbitrariness and abuse, human rights violations and the discrimination of minorities push people into suffering and poverty.


We help people in Kenya out of such dire situations, especially in village and regional contexts. It is important to us that our support is individual and sustainable. Only what suits the circumstances that exist in Kenya has a chance of success. With the cooperation of the villagers or the parents of the ora sponsored children, we provide substantial help.

Your project donation benefits such projects: you provide the initial financing and the gradual development of the income-generating measures. You decide which topic you would like to promote and support.


In any case, your donation does a lot of good!

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