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Who is ora Kinderhilfe?

We have been committed to helping children and families in need since 1981. We are currently active as a Christian relief organization in ten countries and ensure that children are adequately fed, sufficiently clothed, medically cared for and can attend school regularly.


We provide the necessary basic care and thus invest in the future of the children. With enough food, healthy growth, and regular access to education, they can one day provide for themselves and leave poverty behind.


In order to support the parents as well, we initiate income-generating programs and offer seminars and training courses that help the parents to lead their lives independently. In this way, we engage in development cooperation.


We are also involved in disaster relief. We provide fast and uncomplicated help with the basic necessities of life when people suddenly fall into great despair. We distribute food, clothing, medicine, and hygiene packages and carry out reconstruction work wherever we can through cooperating with local partners.


We always strive towards the goals of improving the lives of children and ensuring that people can provide for themselves in a dignified manner. Every human being has inalienable dignity. We are convinced of this as we believe that God called every human being to live, to be loved and valued. This is what guides us in our interactions with people while ensuring that they are given a perspective for their lives.

How does ora Kinderhilfe help?

First and foremost, very concretely: food, clothing and school materials. We build schools and  health stations, as well as finance teachers and medical staff. We also help refugees and victims of natural disasters. We attach particular importance to ensuring that children grow up in a supportive environment. For this reason, our aid does not focus solely on the child, but also on his or her family, village and region. Accordingly, we are committed to income-generating measures and improvements in village infrastructure.

And we care for the elderly, who are also part of a healthy family.

Why can you trust ora Kinderhilfe?

Of course, we want you to trust us. In order to gain and keep your trust, we attach great importance to dealing transparently with the funds entrusted to us. In our annual report you will find all further information and the exact figures from the last fiscal year.

Our income and expenditure, our balance sheets and transactions are regularly checked by the tax office, the German Central Institute for Social Issues (DZI) and an independent auditor. So far, nothing has ever been objected to, and our serious handling of money has been re-certified every year.


The particularly responsible handling of donations is monitored in Germany by the seal of the German Central Institute for Social Issues (DZI) and then confirmed. As ora Kinderhilfe international e.V. we are certified with the DZI donation seal since 30.11.2005. Only those organizations that convince through transparency and truthful information are awarded the seal annually.

How does the DZI evaluate the work of ora Kinderhilfe?

DZI Spendensiegel

The organization fulfills the seven donation seal standards as follows:


1.     The organization performs work in accordance with its statutes.

2.     Management and supervision are appropriately structured, clearly separated from each other and effectively carried out.

3.     Advertising and public relations provide clear, true, factual and open information.

4.     The share of advertising and administrative expenses in total expenses is appropriate according to DZI standards ("appropriate" = less than 10% to less than 20%). The effectiveness of the use of funds is reviewed, and the results are documented and published.

5.     Compensation paid by the organization takes into account non-profit status, qualifications, level of responsibility, and industry standards.

6.     Fundraising and use of funds, as well as the financial position, are documented in a comprehensible manner and audited appropriately.

7.     The organization reports openly and comprehensively on its work, structures and finances.

How can you help?

Become part of the ora community and change children's lives with a sponsorship or donation. Especially with an ora sponsorship you help sustainably, personally and effectively.

With 30 Euro per Month you ensure that a child can eat healthy and sufficiently every day. It can go to school and receives medical care. As a sponsor, you will receive regular information about the development of your sponsor child and mail from him or her. You can write to your sponsor child and visit him or her. Your help is transparent, direct and close. Just like in a Family.

The people behind ora Kinderhilfe

The commitment for people is carried by people. Sponsors, donors, friends and supporters and the ora staff - they all form a strong community. Together they succeed in changing children's lives.


Join us!


ora Kinderhilfe international e.V. is a member of VENRO, an association of around 120 German non-governmental organizations.


ora Kinderhilfe international e.V. is a member of VENRO, an umbrella organisation of 140 development and humanitarian non-governmental organisations (NGOs) in Germany.


“We – the VENRO member organisations – have joined together in the Association with the aim of strengthening our contribution to more justice in the One World.  Our common mission is to optimally serve poverty reduction, the realisation of human rights and the conservation of natural resources.”


Gemeinsam gegen Menschenhandel

ora Kinderhilfe is a founding member of "Gemeinsam gegen Menschenhandel e.V." (Together against Human Trafficking), an alliance of organizations, initiatives and individuals who campaign against human trafficking in various ways. This alliance wants to make the scandal of human trafficking, especially in the form of forced prostitution, visible, promote education in the countries of origin and in Germany, support member organizations that care for victims, support the legal framework of measures that improve the criminal prosecution of traffickers as well as victim protection and compensation.

micha Deutschland

micha Germany

ora Kinderhilfe international e.V. is a supporter of Micha Deutschland e. V. This is a worldwide Christian campaign for the implementation of the sustainable development goals (Agenda 2030) of the United Nations.


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