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Donations instead of gifts

Are you planning a celebration and would like to do without flowers and gifts?


A donation for a cause is always a good idea. Whether you are celebrating a birthday, anniversary, graduation, confirmation, or wedding, the donations from you and your guests will improve the lives of poor children from the Global South.


If you don't have a personal occasion, a company anniversary is also a good way to give hope to many girls and boys.

Donate during a bereavement

Even if it is a sad occasion, a death can give a future for many children and families. In memory of your loved one, you and your mourners can say goodbye with flowers and wreaths, or by making a donation to benefit poor children and families in need.

Beyond death and saying goodbye, you as the bereaved can bring many blessings to children and families in need with a condolence donation. In the deceased's spirit, donations can be used for a specific purpose. For example, it is possible to support an issue that was particularly close to the deceased's heart.


We would be happy to support you in organizing a dignified memorial. Contact us so that we can personally discuss what you have in mind and what you need.

Start your own donation for a cause

A donation for a cause is a good and meaningful thing to do. We are happy to support you in designing your donation for a cause. In an individual way, we discuss with you what you need and what you want from us.


The following steps will lead to a successful and relaxed donation for a cause:

Determine the purpose of the donation.
You explain what will happen to the donations collected by you and your guests. You determine the project for which we should use your donations.

Inform your guests about your campaign.
Feel free to refer to your fundraiser in the invitation or funeral announcement/letters. State the purpose of your donation and the PayPal account details of ora Kinderhilfe. This will help us to allocate the donations correctly: Purpose of use: Determine yourself. Please also mention the occasion.We will gladly issue a donation receipt to your guests. For this purpose, please include your full name and address with the transfer. Thereafter, a donation receipt will be sent automatically at the beginning of each year. After your event, we will be happy to give you the names of the donors and inform you of the total amount.

Do you collect cash donations during your event?
This is also possible without any problems (see point 4). After your celebration, you can easily transfer the donations to our PayPal account. Please indicate the purpose of your donation and the reason for your donation. If some of your guests would like a donation receipt, we will need the full name and address as well as the individual amount of the donation. All of this information can be sent to us via email. We will then issue the appropriate donation receipts to the recipients.

Please contact us.
Once you have sent out your invitations/letters of bereavement, please contact us. We will be happy to help you gather the necessary information for the project or issue you are interested in. We will send you a donation box if requested for cash donations. Also, flyers and materials about ora Kinderhilfe and your chosen project/topic. If there are children at your event, we will of course include something for the little guests. And for you as a thank you there is also a small surprise.

In all cases, we will inform you about the total amount of the donation that has been received. You will also receive information about what effect it has had. If possible, you will also receive photos and impressions of the good you have done.


Thank you for your generosity and the forgoing of flowers or gifts.


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