How do I become a sustaining member?

You would like to help regularly without taking over an ora sponsorship? Then a sustaining membership is just right for you.


Great changes need time and patience. In order to give children and their families a better life, we need to be there for them in the long term. A regular donation plays a crucial role in enabling us to plan for the long term and provide sustainable help.

Where will my donation be used?

You decide whether you would like to support the work of ora Kinderhilfe in Kenya on the topics of education, agriculture or water. If the topic of education is close to your heart, you help to finance the equipment for the annual start of school, to maintain the school or to provide materials for homeschooling if needed.

What are the advantages of a sustaining membership?

  • You determine the amount of a one-time donation yourself.
  • Regular donations are possible with a fixed amount of 30, 50 or 100 USD per month.
  • You help people in need on a regular basis.

  • Your regular donation saves administrative costs. Thus, even more money reaches places where it is urgently needed.
  • Your contribution is tax deductible and can be cancelled at any time without notice.

Your regular donation changes children's lives for the better - 365 days a year!

Our donor service will be happy to advise you on any questions you may have.

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