Project support and donations

1. Is a regular support of the projects possible, even without a sponsorship?

Yes, this is possible. Yes, you can support the projects of ora Kinderhilfe in Kenya even without a sponsorship. You can support the topics, education, agriculture or water in Kenya with a one-time or regular donation. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

2. Is my donation tax deductible?

Yes, ora Kinderhilfe international e.V. is recognized by the tax office in Berlin as a non-profit and charitable organization. Therefore, your donations are tax deductible. Each January, following the donations, we will automatically send you a donation receipt for submission to the tax office. Please make sure that we can clearly allocate your donation. Always state your name and - if available - your sponsorship number.

3. Does my earmarked donation really arrive?

In our project in Kenya you can choose which of the three different topics: Education, Agriculture and Water you want to support. If the topic of education is close to your heart, you can specifically support the maintenance of schools, the purchase of school uniforms and school materials. We assure you: Your donations will be used directly for the projects to which they are earmarked. If the incoming amounts exceed the project sum, the funds will be used for related measures and projects. All funds entrusted to us arrive at their intended destination.

4. How high are the administrative costs?

ora Kinderhilfe is committed to using all donations sparingly and in strict compliance with earmarking.


5. Who controls the handling of donations at ora Kinderhilfe?

As a fundraising organization, we have an obligation to the people in the projects, to the donors, and also to God to use the funds entrusted to us as effectively as possible.

In addition, the German Central Institute for Social Issues (Berlin) has awarded ora Kinderhilfe its seal of approval, certifying that our organization handles donations in a serious and trustworthy manner.

The seal awarded is the only one of its kind in Germany and signals to all donors that their funds are being handled properly. Regular monitoring by the Institute's staff guarantees long-term security for the people who support us.

6. Is the online donation secure?

Yes, your online donation is secure. We attach utmost importance to data security and data protection. That is why your data is only sent in encrypted form. This is ensured by the SSL (Security Socket Layer) encryption protocol, which encrypts your personal data and makes it unreadable to outsiders.

7. Which payment methods are possible online?

You can transfer your donation to us from your respective bank account via Paypal. This is possible for one-time and regular donations.


Feel free to use our donation form for online donations as well!


PayPal: donation@ora-international.org

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